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Chris Brown #PARTYCHALLENGE videoshoot in DC

I've known Kara Jenelle Wade for awhile now. She's the founder of Delta Chi Xi Honorary Dance Fraternity Inc. which I am a part of, and even before that we did a photoshoot together with H'ART.SPEAX. She hit me up about shooting a video in DC to "Party" by Chris Brown and of course I said yeah!

Finding our location was quite an adventure. Originally we had planned to do the shoot at Freedom Plaza but when I got there ahead of time to scout the location there were these giant risers in the middle of the plaza getting ready for the inauguration. So I called Kara and started walking to see where else we could shoot and saw the Washington Monument and decided it was perfect. There was a small clearing, and the sun was just coming out of the clouds which was annoying because the light had been perfect right before but we made it work. Her friend Manny came along to dance with her as well as her other friend Jordan who helped me catch some behind the scenes footage. Both Manny and Jordan currently dance with Step Afrika and were on break from touring which was really cool. Check out some of the behind the scenes here!

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