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Bboy meets Ballerina | An amazing time at Bates Dance Festival 2015

With Bates Dance Festival starting their Young Dancers Workshop this week I couldn't help but look back at some of my favorite images and memories while I was there for the past two summers. Unfortunately I'm not going back this summer due to other rehearsal conflicts, but it is SUCH an amazing place to be to train and meet people and become inspired. I can't wait to go back maybe next summer!

Unfortunately it didn't really dawn on me that I could get together with friends to get some awesome shots until near the end of the festival so I didn't get to work with as many artists as I had hoped which really stinks because I was surrounded by so many talented dancers and musicians (aghhh didn't even tap into that one once! Next time...). Oh well, live and learn! In the meantime, this shoot from last summer with John and Ayala became one of my aha moments where I was trying out new techniques and it turned out AWESOME!

Both John and Ayala are currently in New York City. John graduated from NYU and is currently super booked dancing all over the place while Ayala just finished her first year at NYU.

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