TDPS On the Move! | Kennedy Center Millennium Stage

I loved being a dance major at the University of Maryland College Park. Being in the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies (TDPS) really gave me a home and place to explore my interests in dance education, performance, photography, videography, and projection design just to name a few. Going to see many of my friends who are still in the program and teachers perform at the Kennedy Center reaffirmed for me how awesome the dance program and community is at Maryland.

When I got there before the show started one of our faculty, Sara Pearson was just finishing up a class so I had to move fast to get a few shots of it before the ended!

Essence of Normal

Choreographers: Adriane Fang and Christopher K. Morgan

Performers: Adriane Fang and Christopher K. Morgan

Personally my favorite shot from their piece

In The Closet

Choreographer: Allen Chunhui Xing

Performer: Allen Chunhui Xing

Just Out of Reach

Choreographer: Alvin Mayes

Performers: Gabriella DiGiuseppe, Laurie Dodge, Sanya Oluwafemi, Shawn Stone, and

Jasmine Watkins


Choreographers: Christina O'Brien and John Paul Ouyang

Performers: Christina O'Brien and John Paul Ouyang

Full Circle Bridging the Gap (excerpt)

Choreographer: Chris Law

Performers: Minilik Addis, Reyna Fox, Ama Law, Chris Law, Olivia Lynes, Sanya

Olawufemi, Jared Porter, and Nicole Sneed

This was an excerpt from "Full Circle, Bridging the Gap", a thesis work that I'm actually also performing in but because I couldn't make it to tech I didn't perform. It was great though because I knew exactly which moments I wanted to capture! If you are free make sure you come see the show December 9-11 at the Clarice. For more information go to

Poem of Change

Choreographer: Mustapha Braimah

Performers: Ira Hill, Sisi Reid, and Jasmine Watkins


Choreographers: Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves

Performers: Colette Krogol and Matt Reeves

Hyperbolic (excerpt)

Choreographer: Monstah Black

Music: Monstah Black

Performers: Emily Ames, Stephanie Austin, Terra Bergamy, LaTefia Bradley, Amber

Chabus, Billy Griffis, Isabella Hayes, Ira Hill, Amanda Hodgetts, Dee Dee Ling, and

Katie Nerud

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