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Braving the Cold | Graduation shoot with Kelsey

One of the biggest pros to taking graduation pictures in the Fall semester is that a LOT less people do it because they think it's too cold outside. And usually they're 100 percent right. And not only was it cold, but super windy when Kelsey and I walked around campus the other day. As you can see in this picture below when some people asked to photobomb us, it was pretty cold! Luckily I could wear my jacket the entire time but poor Kelsey was frozen by the end. You'd never be able to tell though by the way she looks in these images which is kind of amazing I don't know if I would have been able to keep it up.

college graduation pictures umd

Kelsey's a family science major, so we started at the School of Public Health. This was the first time I've taken graduation pictures here, I completely forgot about the sparkly Testudo in the front of the building.

Unfortunately the School of Public Health is at the far North corner of campus and everything else we wanted to take pictures at was in the middle of campus aka a 20 minute walk in the cold.

I was pleasantly surprised that the flowers were still alive! Kind of...they were getting a bit droopy

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