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Naxos recording session with Jim Ross and Samuel Adams

Last week I got to sit in on the National Orchestral institute (NOI) 2016 orchestra as they recorded several pieces. It was so cool! I had to be really careful where I took pictures from since there were microphones everywhere and I didn't want my camera click to end up in the recording. NOI is, "a four-week program of intensive study covering chamber music, unconducted chamber orchestras, orchestral performance." (taken from the NOI facebook page). In partnership with Naxos, they recorded "Drift and Providence" by Samuel Adams, Samuel Barber's Symphony No. 1, and Randall Thompson's Symphony No. 2. It was quite the treat getting to sit in and listen to the musicians, and it was nice having subjects that were always well lit and relatively stationary for a change (as opposed to a dance performance)! Here are a few of the pictures, you can see the rest here on the NOI facebook page.

The sound designers were also working super hard backstage!

Gotta keep tabs of what's going on up front

During the break Adams was always willing to talk to students and answer qusetions

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