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Opening Night for UMoves 2016

Tonight is the opening night for UMoves! If you've read my other post "Who Moves? UMoves" you'll remember it is the annual undergraduate dance concert at UMD. It's a wonderful opportunity for dance majors to learn how to choreograph as well as work and collaborate with costume, lighting, and projection designers. I had the opportunity to create some behind the scenes videos featuring each choreographer talking about their process, check it out! And right after that come see the show it runs this weekend May 6-8. Tickets, times, and location can all be found at

It was a little strange for me coming back as an alumnus and being so involved with UMoves without dancing in it, but it really let me appreciate how lucky I was to be a part of the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies at UMD.

The first video in the four part series featured Chelsea Brown and Gabrielle Welsh. Gabrielle drew on her experiences going to national parks with her family while Chelsea was inspired by the constellation Orion's Belt.

Part two featured works by Amber Chabus, Emily Ames, and Devin Seldon. In this video you'll not only hear them talk about their pieces but also the major role mentors play in the process.

Part three delves into two solos by Gabriella DiGiuseppe and Jessa Hudock. These two pieces take the audience through the performer's very personal experiences, and this is only possible with the help of amazing collaborators.

In the last video in this four part series DeeDee Johnson, Kayla Coutts, and Christina O'Brien talk about their pieces and how their process has been. You would think since they're all creating dances their experiences would be somewhat similar but just wait and see how different they are! Truly a testament to the diversity of the dance program at UMD.

Not only was I able to watch each piece progress throughout the semester as I went to rehearsals and interviewed each choreographer, I was also able to take part as a projection designer for two of the pieces. It's been a huge learning curve figuring out how to use Isadora, Photoshop, and After Effects, but I was fortunate enough to have Nitsan Scharf as a co-designer for one of the pieces. Kelly Colburn is a projection design MFA at UMD and mentored us through the entire process, which was a HUGE help there's no way we could have done anything without her! Check out some pictures I took from the dress run last night. Want to know more about the pieces? You'll have to come see the show!

"Bare" choreographed by Devin Seldon

Projection design by Nitsan Scharf and Jonathan Hsu mentored by Kelly Colburn

Lighting design by Coleman Quimby

Costume design by Kelsey Hunt

Sound design by Jorian Rosemertz

"The Mind's Eye" choreographed by Jessa Hudock

Projection design by Jonathan Hsu mentored by Kelly Colburn

Costume design by Kelsey Hunt

Sound design by Jorian Rosemertz

"Comfort in Solitude" choreographed by Gabrielle Welsh

Projection design by Nitsan Scharf mentored by Kelly Colburn

Costume design by Kelsey Hunt

Sound design by Jorian Rosemertz

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